The mission

1. to invest in Russian innovation, it is working with and investing in Western companies when it can help them advance their products along the development path while bringing innovative products to the Russian market and generating superior return on investment. We are actively looking for opportunities in North America and Europe among both private and public companies.

2. to earn superior return for its investors by investing in the new and rapidly growing biotechnology industry in Russia. The fund is uniquely positioned to be the first venture investor to take advantage of the most valuable resources of the Russian biopharmaceutical landscape:

  • Established and growing pharmaceutical development expertise, in particular the clinical trial industry, that has been validated and utilized by most global pharma companies and many biotech companies
  • Unprecedented support by the Russian government that is increasingly committed to the development of innovation-based economy and integrated pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry in the country
  • Network of relationships with Western biotechnology companies actively developed through our management and advisors
  • Numerous sources of innovation in scientific institutes and private companies based on decades of research and development experience
  • Readily available human capital, including excellent scientists and entrepreneurs
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